Seeking to enhance the quality of life of the people of Exuma...

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The Exuma Foundation supports a variety of community organizations and initiatives through collaborations and strategic grant-making.

The Mission of the Exuma Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for the people of the island of Exuma in The Bahamas, both now and for generations to come...

Our Mission

The islands of Great Exuma and the Exuma Cays are located in the south central region of The Bahamas. George Town, Great Exuma is approximately 150 miles from Nassau, New Providence, the country's capitol city. Known as a Family Island, Exuma is accessed by air and sea. The population of Great Exuma and the Exuma Cays is approximately 4500 people and is quite spread out among settlements throughout the archipelago. The Exuma Foundation's outreach efforts extend to communities on Great Exuma and the Exuma Cays.

  • Exuma Police Youth Band
  • The Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership
  • National Family Island Book Initiative
  • Our Father's Business
  • The National Family Island Regatta Committee

In the Community

The Islands of Exuma

The Exuma Foundation encourages contributions and volunteer support. Inquiries may be made by telephone, fax, email, or through our website. Contributions by American citizens are tax deductible. 

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