All six units at the Rolleville Emergency Center are now fully functional due to the efforts of Exuma Foundation, Sandals Resort, and Stave Poverty International, with occasional repairs handled by the Department of Housing. 

Family Island Book Initiative

The Exuma Foundation assists with FIBI's efforts to distribute books to the Exuma community through book fairs, donations to the local library, and to schools. Books are also sent to the Exuma Cays, Ragged Island, and Long Island. The Book Fairs are widely popular on the island. Find out more about FIBI

The Exuma Foundation and Starve Poverty International have worked in partnership for 20 years to bring volunteer power and humanitarian aid to Great Exuma. The focus of our work has been primarily to ensure that fewer people on Exuma have to endure living in an unsafe state of poverty by building and renovating homes. Starve Poverty has also assisted in the repair and maintenance of the 6 unit Rolleville Emergency Shelter and the donation of a generator to our hurricane shelter on campus. They also have provided shoes for our school shoe program. As a faith-based organization, Starve Poverty reaches out to schools and churches while on the island. 

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Taking Care of Basic Needs:   Our Partnership with Starve Poverty International

School Shoe Programme
Each year, the Exuma Foundation receives hundreds of school shoes donated through our partner organization, Starve Poverty International, and distributes them to students in need. 

Social Outreach

Improving Lives In Our Community

The Exuma Foundation’s Social Outreach programme seeks to bring help to those most in need. The Foundation works in collaboration with Starve Poverty International to provide school shoes for children through our School Shoe Programme and to build and repair houses for homeless people and families in need. We also maintain a six unit Emergency Shelter for elderly homeless people in Rolleville, and supply books to schools with our partner Family Island Book Initiative. 

Our Partnership with Starve Poverty International: October 2020 Updates