Current Volunteer Opportunities

The Exuma Foundation supports a number of educational programs at our facility and on the island. On our campus we have an office of the College of the Bahamas and a Ministry of Education school for special needs children. We employ an environmental educator who teaches curriculum in the public schools and organizes field trips and other programs throughout the school year. We provide resources and support for the schools and teaching community in several capacities. Opportunities to volunteer are mainly available during the school year (until the end of May), and less so in the summer.

The Foundation has a very successful program to help families overcome basic challenges in their ability to live in a clean, safe, and healthy environment. We have a partnership with Starve Poverty International and the Department of Social Services that allows us to assist persons in need of repairs or renovations of their homes, such as installation of bathrooms, roof repair, and sometimes even building an entire house. We also support the Exuma Food Outreach Program (or Food Bank). Opportunities to assist in social outreach efforts exist all year.


If you are an expert beekeeper or a honey bee enthusiast and have skills to share, please let us know! We are appreciative of those that can offer their time to help us advance a beekeeping cottage industry on Exuma. 

The Foundation is pursuing a new project to demonstrate sustainable farming and gardening on the island by planting a permaculture food forest. Permaculture is an ecological approach to food production that incorporates ecosystem function and landscape design. This project will be ongoing through the spring and early summer.

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