The Exuma School for the Exceptional Learners came into being on September 12th, 2005.  Exuma Foundation President and Founder Chris Kettel and Principal/Teacher Miss Jasmine Nixon identified the need for this program and have nurtured its development. The school provides the only special education provision in Exuma and is part of the public education system in The Bahamas under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. ​​ Jasmin Nixon-Collins has been a  permanent presence as teacher at the ESEL.  She is ably supported by Deandra Miller. Currently there are 8 students enrolled and they are all making good progress. The school has the goals of 1) developing, 2) to involve parents more in school activities, 3) to involve the students more in the community, and 4) to involve the students and parents in the Special Olympics. 

Exuma School for Exceptional Learners


Special Olympics

The Exuma School for Exceptional Learners operates on the campus of the Exuma Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Education which provides the school a teacher, a teaching assistant, and janitor to maintain the facility. We are very keen to improve the quality of learning experienced by these vulnerable children, and support growth opportunities for the students and teachers. Contributions by the community are welcomed and appreciated. 

In 2017, students from the Exuma School for Exceptional Learners attended the Special Olympics events organized by Special Olympics Bahamas. The students excelled particularly in Bocce and we look forward to supporting the development of this sport in our program. 

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School Mission: To provide a unique, caring and flexible learning environment that allows every opportunity for students to succeed.

School Vision: For the school, home and the community to work together in order to educate ESEL students to be the best that they can be.