New Partnership with Cans for Kids

and Ministry of Tourism

The Exuma Foundation supports a number of community groups through in kind and financial support such as the Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership, a local non profit organization that seeks to conserve Exuma's most beautiful natural resource, Elizabeth Harbour.

The Exuma Branch of the Cancer Society is a local organization that provides free health screenings and other support for cancer patients on Exuma. Each year the Foundation donates to their cause and provides a meeting place for their monthly meetings. 

The Exuma Children's Home will be opening in 2023.  

For over 20 years, it has been the vision of the Exuma Foundation and Starve Poverty International to create a home for children in crisis on Great Exuma.  The building is nearing completion and will be ready for operation in 2023. 

The vision is for the Exuma Foundation to own the physical building and facilities, but to work with a local church to operate the Home under the guidelines established by the Bahamas Department of Social Services.  

In 2022, the building was painted inside and out, the doors and windows were secured, and the electrical wiring was put in place.  The bathrooms are wired and plumbed, ready for finishing.          

Recycling aluminum allows for greater sustainability, lowers the cost of production and lowers energy usage. . In the U.S. alone, nearly $800 million worth of aluminum cans are lost to landfills. The gap between consumers (like you!) and post-consumer recycling efforts must be closed. We aim to keep aluminum out of the Exuma Regional Landfill one can at a time.  Proceeds will support the Cans for Kids. 

A drop off point in George Town will be announced shortly

Support for Community Organizations