The Exuma Foundation supports a number of community groups through in kind and financial support such as the Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership, a local non profit organization that seeks to conserve Exuma's most beautiful natural resource, Elizabeth Harbour.

The Exuma Branch of the Cancer Society is a local organization that provides free health screenings and other support for cancer patients on Exuma. Each year the Foundation donates to their cause and provides a meeting place for their monthly meetings. 

The Exuma Branch of the Red Cross formed in 2015 and has been active in hurricane recovery efforts, providing first aid and CPR training, assisting in the safe transport of immigrants, and gathering donations of clothing and other supplies for those in need. The Exuma Foundation has provided a home base for this Red Cross chapter and has benefitted from their capacity to coordinate operations at our hurricane shelter on campus. Contact if you would like to participate in their efforts.

Support for Community Organizations 


The Exuma Foundation supports a variety of causes and undertakes projects in keeping with our mission to enhance the quality of life in Exuma. The Foundation is able to provide community groups with needed financial support through small grants. We collaborate with other organizations and the Government of The Bahamas to provide help for those in need. The Exuma Foundation provides financial, facilities, and other critical support for the National Family Island Regatta Committee and the Exuma Sailing Club. Find out more about our outreach efforts...

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