The Exuma Learning with Technology Project (ELTP) is a comprehensive effort to address deficiencies in numeracy and literacy in the Ministry of Education schools of Exuma through the integration of personalized learning technology in the classroom. In 2015, Bill Sanford of Charleston, S.C. working with the principal successfully piloted the program at the Farmers Cay All Age School and has since made significant contributions to expand into the ELTP through public-private partnerships facilitated by The Exuma Foundation. Through these partnerships, the ELTP now reaches 500+ students in 7 Ministry of Education (MOE) Primary Schools and the LN Coakley High School on Great and Little Exuma. The MOE has designated an itinerant teacher to support the inclusion of new technology and monitor student progress. Teacher training sessions are now a regular aspect of professional development throughout the school year.  

Project Partners  

  • The ELTP will focus on numeracy deficits first as the program scale-up to reach all primary schools is implemented during the 2018-2019 school year. 
  • In addition to a designated itinerant teacher, 3 champion teachers form a core team to provide leadership in achieving program objectives. 
  • Training through workshops and easily accessible support is on- going and included as professional development for Ministry of Education teachers. 
  • Hardware and software have been tested and provide a reliable platform compatible with MOE curriculum. More information about Chromebooks and World Possible's Rachel-Plus Server and OER2Go can be found via links to the right. 

The ELTP started as an effort by a single person dedicated to helping a single school improve learning outcomes through technology. The early challenges experienced in the development of the program have resulted in solid basis of understanding of the needs and approach that will lead to success, as well as a growing number of supporters. A major grant by the Sandals Foundation to obtain more hardware was received in time to increase the ratio of Chromebooks to students to nearly one-to-one before the start of the 2018 school year.. Pledges by the University of The Bahamas to assist with monitoring and evaluation of the program, and Aliv to install wifi in all participating schools have been an outstanding show of support more recently. The ELTP would not be possible without the commitment that is evident in every level of the Ministry of Education. To date, over $100,000 has been invested in this project though cash and in kind support.  

Exuma Learning with Technology Project

Program Approach and Technology