Inquiries and Mailing Addresses

The Exuma Foundation encourages contributions and volunteer support, Inquiries may be made by telephone or email. Contributions of cash or stock may be offered directly or by wire transfer. Inquiries are welcome to board members directly, to the contacts below, or to the office in Exuma.  

The Exuma Foundation

George Town, Exuma Bahamas

Phone: (242) 336-2790/2

Fax: (242) 336-2791

Wire transfer information - Bahamas 

U.S. Donors 

The Exuma Foundation     c/o Lori A. Owen

​Van Gorder, Walker, and Co., Inc.
3216 Dixie Highway
Erlanger, KY 41018


(859) 431-0700

Wire transfer information - US

Canadian Donors

353 Dalhousie St.

Ottawa ON K1N7G1

Jeffrey Todd

Online Donations 

The Exuma Foundation was established in 1998 with a generous gift from the Benjamin Family Foundation and is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our financial  management is handled by  Van Gorder, Walker and Co. Inc.

​You can help the community of Great Exuma through
1) A tax-deductable donation of money to support a specitic project or qualifying charity on the island
2) A tax-deductable donation of goods or services needed to support our work, 
3) A donation of time volunteering on our projects, May is our volunteer month when we support visitng groups to assist the Foundation, or
4) A donation of land to our Exuma Carbon Land Trust (this could also be tax-deductable)!

How you can support our work...

Thank you for your support!

​The Exuma Foundation now accepts donations through PayPal! Please click the Donate button

to make a contribution to our organization quickly and easily. If the donation is going to a specific cause, please make a note in PayPal (ADD SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER) after donation amount has been entered and send us an email ( to make sure we know where to direct the funds.

Online Donations