The Bee Cause Project, and particularly Ted Dennard, has given us the practical guidance and assistance to get the program up and running by facilitating workshops, advising and assisting in obtaining honeybees, and inspiring our first beekeepers. 

​​Exuma Honey is available! 

The BeeProject continues to operate under Ministry of Health COVID- 19 guidelines and our Exuma beekeepers are buzzing with business. 

Here is a list of our local Exuma  beekeepers: 

 Ricardo Monroe with the Organic Honey Sanctuary ( 242 524 8241).

Bradley (“BJ”) Charlton at BeesNtrees (242 814-3931)   Instagram:

The Beekeeping Initiative began with a workshop held at the Exuma Foundation in 2014 for a handful of interested people. Since then, we have hosted 3 more workshops including a advanced queen rearing workshop. We now have 10+ beekeepers. We also provide mentorship, honey processing, and low cost equipment for beekeepers.

The University of Georgia Honey Bee Laboratory, and particularly Jennifer Berry, has led two workshops and supported a trip for 4 beekeepers to the UGA/Young Harris Beekeeping Institute in 2017. 

Our Supporters

In 2015 the Exuma Foundation obtained permission from the Ministry of Agriculture to bring honeybees to the island in order to foster a cottage industry in the community.  The Exuma Foundation worked over the past 6 years with Ms. Catherine Booker to establish the community of Exuma's beekeepers. The Foundation is now shifting to supporting the local beekeepers by promoting their products on our website, and providing some equipment. See the new video featuring our program from our partners at Savannah Bee Company.

We owe much gratitude to the people and organizations who have donated their time, expertise, and resources to our Beekeeping Initiative. Two of our major supporters are... 

Beekeeping Initiative

Education and Training