Board Members

The Exuma Foundation Volunteer Board of Directors

Paul LeFevre, President

Barry J. Benjamin, Vice President

Daniel Strachan, Treasurer​

Ron Francis

Ron Fraser

Don Haycock

Jennifer Kettel

Bea Keaveny

Dallas Knowles

Anna Maynard

Christopher Minns

Peter Nicholson

Warren L. Rolle

Lester Smith

Lourie Smith

Jeremy Mutton

Pemberton Hutchinson, Emeritus Trustee

Heidi J. Rabel, Emeritus Trustee

The Mission of The Exuma Foundation is to enhance the quality of life for the people of the island of Exuma in The Bahamas, both now and for future generations to come, by encouraging and managing gifts for operating, capital, and endowment, by addressing community needs through grant making, and by providing philanthropic leadership. The Exuma Foundation (Bahamas) Ltd., a partner organization of the Exuma Foundation, seeks to enhance the quality of life for people of the island of Exuma, both now and for generations to come, by managing the Exuma Foundation (Bahamas) properties and facilities, overseeing management of programs that take place on the facilities, and by overseeing the management of funds disbursed by the Exuma Foundation. The Exuma Foundation (Bahamas) Ltd. seeks to maintain an environmentally sustainable campus that is a catalyst for the educational and community  enrichment programs as well as a model of Exuma's indigenous flora and fauna environment. 

Our Mission